The Value Of The Constellation Platform — And The Power Of Choice.

As a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) offering the first open digital development platform dedicated to Credit Unions, Constellation creates a unique opportunity to pursue fintech innovation at the pace of your credit union’s digital strategy – all according to your unique needs and goals.

Explore The Constellation Platform

Constellation enables credit unions to develop or purchase innovative fintech services in a secure, scalable manner. Deployed in a native cloud environment, the platform facilitates unlimited services – allowing credit unions to pursue their Roadmap of One.

Your Unique “Roadmap of One”

Roadmap of One

In our business model, credit unions subscribe to our platform and can choose any service that runs on top of it. No need to wait months or years to deploy the solution of your choosing. No exclusivity restricting what your credit union needs to best serve your members. No long-term contracts. Your digital future is uniquely your own.

  • Credit unions on the Constellation platform have an annual platform subscription fee that remains the same, regardless of how many services you deploy

  • Constellation offers comprehensive support — from project management and implementation staff to deployment manuals and guides — to ensure both credit unions and fintechs succeed

  • Credit unions can quickly adopt a roadmap specific to their needs, choosing services suited to their strategic opportunities

Open Development Platform

Open platforms give organizations access to a vast community of developers and vendors — and their combined assortment of services. More specifically, credit unions can implement services from some of the industry’s best-in-class developers to meet their members’ needs.
  • Constellation is the first open development platform for digital services in the credit union industry
  • Our innovative open platform was awarded a patent in 2017 with 27 unique claims
  • Development can come from anywhere – we welcome your existing fintech relationships
Open Platform

Convenient, Fast, Seamless — And Secure

At Constellation, we’ve broken down the walls of legacy providers to give credit unions the ability to deploy fintech innovations at a faster, more efficient rate. Integration has never been easier — any fintech can bring their best services and solutions to any credit union through the Constellation platform.

  • A common UX/UI framework makes everything seamless for members
  • Ensures platform services are both secure and scalable
  • Upgrades are much easier and faster to implement
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Compatible With Your Current Online Banking

The Constellation platform lets you take advantage, right away, of existing Constellation digital services that work alongside your current digital banking technologies. In fact, your existing online banking solution can access these expanded services through a seamless single sign-on to our platform.

A "Marketplace" of Fintech Services

Constellation offers a growing collection of fintech innovations – which can be viewed in our Services Directory. Similar to the way an app store offers mobile applications, you can create the ideal mix of powerful, custom services that support your credit union’s unique digital strategy and meets your members’ needs. Your members can then personalize those services as they see fit.

Fintech Marketplace

Create Your Own Services

Women concepting and coding
If a service to fulfill your strategy is not currently within our Services Directory, we welcome you to build your own, or co-create with our third-party development partners. Know that our team of Technical Services Specialists are ready to help, to make your development process faster and easier.
  • Comprehensive support offered to ensure both credit unions and fintechs
  • Participate in “Dark Sky Ventures,” a joint development program, to collaborate with other credit unions with shared needs
  • When your service becomes certified you can then offer your innovation to others on the Constellation platform

Native Cloud-Based Ecosystem

The Constellation platform is deployed in a native cloud environment. It’s not a server that’s deployed in the cloud — it actually uses cloud-based services. It offers robust, industry-proven security and encryption, transaction volume and load balancing, and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Native cloud environment