Innovation At The Speed Of Now.

With Constellation, you can deploy your first innovative fintech service in as little as six months, and add other services as fast as your choosing — a speed of innovation that’s practically unheard of when it comes to digital services in the credit union industry.

Many legacy online banking vendors claim to provide choice and flexibility, but that’s only a half truth. Historically, innovations are dependent on what the vendor chooses to offer, are costly to deploy and maintain, and usually take a long time to deliver.

The Constellation platform is about true choice and true flexibility. We provide choices for which, how, and how quickly new digital services are deployed, whichis vastly different than the lumbering legacy method of introducing new innovation – a much better way to bring great ideas to market.

Going live with Constellation lets you quickly deliver the unique needs of your digital strategy. We empower your credit union with a “roadmap of one,” you choose the pace of deployment that works best for your credit union — to meet challenges quickly, easily and with confidence for integration, scalability and data security

Deployment - Time & Flexibility

The Services Your Members Want, At The Speed You Need.

No matter where your credit union is on its digital journey, we’re ready to help you with the roadmap that’s right for your credit union. You can use the Constellation platform to augment your current digital banking services, prepare for a future migration, or if you need to move forward quickly, we can help you plan a full conversion to our open platform – including digital banking services

Connect & Expand, Then Adopt

Even if the timing (and budget) isn’t right for making a banking services change, you might have an immediate need to add new, innovative services. Constellation can operate, fully integrated, alongside your current provider.

When the time comes for a bigger, more deliberate change — to realize true digital transformation — we’re ready to go. In addition to innovative services from fintechs, you can adopt Constellation-developed digital banking services to provide your members with a seamless, spectacular experience.
A full conversion lets members know you’re truly committed to meeting their digital banking needs. We can have it all up and running in less time than you’d think, with an optimized and branded experience.

Customize & Develop

On the other hand, maybe you have some very specific ideas and immediate needs for your next level of digital services. We’ll work with you to understand those unique needs, then guide you through the process of creating your “roadmap of one” with service(s) to get the job done. And as you grow, you’ll appreciate scalbiility that comes at no additional cost.
Shed your reliance on vendors with limited digital offerings—and glacial launch times. Take control of your digital future. Find out how to launch your unique “roadmap of one” on the Constellation platform to deliver your organization’s technology needs in six short months.