Dark Sky Ventures – A Joint Development Partnership

Increasing access to services for credit unions and their members is Constellation’s number one goal, and Dark Sky Ventures was created to speed development of our credit union partners’ most important initiatives.

Select Constellation credit union partners work with Dark Sky Ventures to jointly develop, purchase, and invest in services most essential to them as a group. Core participants who are in this groundbreaking venture program determine their joint requirements, assess build-or-buy opportunities, develop custom initiatives, and negotiate group buying deals.

And credit unions aren’t the only beneficiaries. Fintech partners gain exposure to, and network with, decision-makers. Their involvement in Dark Sky Ventures allows them to create tiles knowing they already have eager buyers, ensuring that they can bring services to market much faster, and opening the door to collaboration with other fintechs and new business opportunities.

With Dark Sky Ventures, everyone gets the opportunity to work together and benefit from everyone else’s successes.