Constellation Banking Services

Constellation Banking Services is for those credit unions who need help escaping their existing online and mobile banking providers and fully adopt Constellation. They replace those stale legacy services with full online and mobile banking capabilities built on, and for use in Constellation.

These banking services are available in the Content Marketplace, is built around open and configurable options that can customized with your brand colors and applied to both online and mobile interfaces. Because ours is an open model, it encourages fintechs and credit union to create services/tiles that might enhance or even compete with our own banking services. And we’re totally good with that. It ensures great ideas are realized and more organizations benefit.

What does it mean for members? They can review account balances, see transactions, even schedule transfers and loan payments for immediate or future processing. Communications with members is also possible, allowing them to receive/manage alerts, have direct-and-secure communications, and update key profile information.