FinGoal has built an insights platform on top of digital banking all predicated on better understanding the values, events and motivations of their users.

FinGoal began its journey with Find Money which analyzes consumer credit and debit spending in order to comparison-shop every dollar they spend. This advice is white-labeled for delivery via API or hosted SDK within the existing digital experience of the trusted financial brand. Adding Find Money to a digital banking experience helps members save their hard-earned money – the typical household saves $50 – $100 per/month.

​FinGoal’s data aggregation product, Link Money connects and uniformly formats users’ off-bank data, enabling a 360 degree view of their financial profile. This data can be made available to the financial institution and the additional in-app fintech service developers in an instantaneous, secure, and cost efficient manner. Link Money is currency available on the Constellation Digital Platform as the Data Aggregation Service.