Your secret decoder ring for reaching credit union decision-makers.

You know how much you have to offer credit unions and their members.

Yet connecting with C-suite executives is like being on the wrong side of a two-way mirror: They may look like they’re within reach, but they might as well be on the dark side of the moon for all the access you have.

Fintech business meeting

Constellation brings fintechs and credit unions together so both groups get what they need. Our open development platform allows fintechs to create much-needed digital banking technologies, freeing credit unions from having to rely on a single provider for all their digital needs.

Fintech Coder

Once you develop content on our platform, you’re ready for every credit union in our ecosystem. If it’s created with us, it’s ready for them.

You get the secure connections you need for member authentication, access to member data through a simple API, backend connectivity, access to our entire ecosystem of developers and credit unions, plus easier UI development using the Constellation Tile Developer Toolkit. The Toolkit gives you access to Onsen UI, JQuery, Bootstrap, and the Constellation Application Container API.

As an increasing number of credit union members choose technology to meet their banking needs, especially on mobile devices, the [Constellation] platform will allow them to enjoy a highly personalized experience.
Ron Araujo
Mission Federal Services
Want to know what it takes to integrate and deliver your services on Constellation? Here’s a quick look at our spectrum of reusable tech.


  • Ajax Calis
  • SSO – Client Side
  • Server driven UI


  • React Component
  • Angular
  • Native SDK
  • Theming engines


  • Javascript
  • Less
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • Web API
  • SSO – via Server
  • Js libraries/SDK

Meet the Fintech


LenderClose is a proprietary, technology-focused lending platform that injects speed and efficiency into the lending process, greatly enhancing the borrowing experience. Obsessive about the end-user experience, LenderClose developers work closely with client users to continuously iterate the platform, generating elegant interactions for both lenders and borrowers across the entire lending journey. LenderClose’s first certified service, also known as a tile, streamlines the application process for credit unions and credit union members by putting the loan application process at the fingertips of the commercial borrower.

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