Imagine a world of credit union innovations without legacy barriers or pie-in-the-sky budget demands.


Imagine opening the doors and minds of C-suite executives to your latest innovations.

Credit Unions

Imagine a star lineup of fintechs and developers dedicated to working together to bring digital innovations to your members.

The universe of possibilities is expanding.

Welcome to Constellation, where a new kind of technology platform opens credit unions and fintechs to a new way of thinking and working. Where old limitations imposed by legacy technologies disappear. And where suddenly the world of possibilities feels bigger and more expansive than ever before. Welcome to our world.

The Constellation Platform provides credit unions with the ways and means necessary to compete. With an open development approach Constellation is allowing their ecosystem to innovate and realize economies of scale that don't exist anywhere else - enabling fintechs to build superior products.
David Nohe
FinGoal CEO and Co-Founder
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