The Value Of The Constellation Platform
— And The Power Of Choice.

The Constellation platform is totally unique in the credit union industry, offering extreme value to both credit unions and fintechs — and, of course, the members. That value is found throughout the Constellation platform and business model.

Open Development Platform

Through our open development platform, credit unions can quickly adopt a roadmap unique to their needs, choosing services (and service providers) uniquely suited to their strategic opportunities. Any provider can bring any innovation to our space — and any credit union can offer those services to their members.

  • The first open development platform in the credit union industry
  • Constellation was awarded a patent in 2017 with 27 unique claims
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Built by Credit Unions
Constellation is a CUSO, built for credit unions, by credit unions to control their own digital destiny.

Digital channels have become the most important delivery for the financial industry. Our platform was developed by a credit union, over three years of research and development, to specifically address the opportunities and challenges credit unions face — and provide the digital capabilities and convenience members want.

  • How are we doing so far? Already, eleven credit unions and three leading credit union service content providers have invested in the Constellation platform
Fintech Marketplace
A “Marketplace” Of Fintech Applications

Constellation offers and array of fintech applications, much like the app store offers mobile applications. You can create the ideal mix of unique, powerful, custom services that serve your credit union and meet your members’ needs. And your members can personalize those services as they see fit.

Convenient, Fast, Seamless — And Secure

At Constellation, we’ve broken down the walls of legacy providers to give credit unions the ability to access fintech services at a faster, more efficient rate — all while remaining secure and scalable. Integration has never been easier — fintechs can bring their best solutions to multiple credit unions.

  • A common UX/UI framework makes everything seamless for members
  • Compatible with legacy online banking systems
  • When a fintech brings a solution to Constellation, they’re offering a solution to the entire industry, not a single organization
Native cloud environment
Native Cloud-Based Ecosystem

The Constellation platform is deployed in a native Cloud environment. It’s not a server that’s deployed in the Cloud, it actually uses Cloud-based services. It offers robust, industry-proven security and encryption, transaction volume and load balancing, and business continuity and disaster recovery. You also get automatic scalability.

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Create Your Own Services

Don’t see what your members are asking for? Author your own services and offer them through the marketplace. Implementation is fast and easy, especially with our team of specialists to assist you.

A Roadmap Of One

In our business model, credit unions subscribe to our platform and can choose any service that runs on top of it. No restrictions, no long-term contracts. Your digital future is your own.

Digital Wallet
  • If a credit union subscribes to the Constellation platform, their annual subscription fee remains the same as they grow
  • Constellation offers comprehensive support — from project management and implementation staff to deployment manuals and guides — to ensure both credit unions and fintechs succeed