Accelerated demand for digital solutions and the need for credit unions to deliver innovations is now threefold: (1) satisfy members’ increasing online/mobile banking expectations, (2) be as nimble as fintechs, and (3) compete with the “big banks.”  To meet all three needs head-on would overtax any in-house development team. At Constellation we understand the need to search, vet and manage a myriad of fintech providers – plus ensure successful integration – and that it must be done sooner and faster. 

Once you adopt our platform you can provide new services to your members within six months, delivered alongside the online banking solution you already have in place. Launching innovations at a pace as fast as your choosing has never been easier.

Partnering with fintechs and delivering their innovations to the credit union industry is foundational to our business model.  We have built a Services Directory for credit unions to explore the innovations now available on the Constellation platform. Any service we showcase is “platform-certified” to meet increasing demands for data security, core integration and ease of deployment. Currently there are more than a dozen certified services now available, a handful “coming soon” and several more in development for certification this year.

Interested in a specific fintech? Simply use the Fintechs tab on the Services Directory to see the growing number of technology providers who are actively developing services for the Constellation platform. If you have a favored fintech and do not see them listed, contact us so we can initiate engagement – possibly co-developing a certified service to meet your credit union’s immediate needs.

Note: If your organization is a fintech who would like to connect with forward-thinking and tech-embracing credit unions, please contact us to join our growing list of innovation providers.