Fintech Connect

The new standard for interoperability for
Credit Unions and Fintechs

A faster, better way to bring digital services to market

No matter where your credit union is on its digital journey, we’re ready to help you with the roadmap that’s right for you. Fintech Connect™ can easily augment your current digital banking services and prepare for future migration. Quickly and seamlessly integrate any fintech service to your existing banking core.

Take back your roadmap

You’ve been at the mercy of your vendors’ schedules for far too long. It’s time to take charge of your roadmap and decide when to introduce new digital services that cater to your members’ unique needs. This is where Fintech Connect comes in. We’re here to empower you and help you regain control.

With a one-time integration to your core and existing digital banking platform, Fintech Connect enables you to:

  • Select and launch integrated 3rd party services on your timeline
  • Build your own services that can be deployed internally or externally
  • Easily add new, not yet integrated services, with minimal implementation costs

Fintech Integrations

Deployment Options

Once our digital banking transformation through the platform is complete, we will have seamlessly combined traditional digital banking with a myriad of additional desired member services for a more complete financial experience.
Laura Campbell
CEO Farmers Insurance, Federal Credit Union
The collaborative efforts of Constellation Digital Partners, the Fintech Developers, and the Credit Unions delivers an exceptional unique experience. Leveraging the flexibility of the platform, we bring our Members new and more innovative technology offerings at a faster speed than ever before.
Jennifer Carlton-Cooper
VP of Electronic Services CFCU Community Credit Union
The Constellation Platform provides credit unions with the ways and means necessary to compete. With an open development approach Constellation is allowing their ecosystem to innovate and realize economies of scale that don't exist anywhere else - enabling fintechs to build superior products.
David Nohe
CEO, FinGoal

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