When we started Constellation, we set out to break down the barriers to innovation that limited credit unions to the same blah online and mobile banking services that they had been buying for 20 years.

We knew innovation in financial services was plentiful. Every day exciting new fintechs are founded to create new services that credit union members need. But year after year, our vendor roadmaps failed to deliver on the promise of including those new services.

Today, everything has changed. Credit unions are using our open platform to deploy new fintech services augmenting their existing online and mobile banking platform, or replacing them entirely. Credit unions can choose new services from our marketplace and deliver them to members on their timelines.

And fintechs? They can now use our platform to build and showcase their very best ideas. We are excited to share that  one of our partners debuted a brand new service at Finovate Fall. David Nohe from FinGoal introduced platform-based account aggregation, using services from Constellation and Yodlee. Using capabilities of our platform as the launching pad for the idea. Nobody ever said that about legacy online and mobile banking services.

Legacy solutions strangle innovation, the Constellation platform enables it.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Abjg11xxf9g?controls=0&enablejsapi=1&origin=https://constellation.coop