Constellation Digital Partners has signed an agreement to launch digital services on its patented, open development platform with Nusenda Credit Union, the largest credit union by membership in New Mexico.

With this commitment, the Albuquerque-headquartered financial institution will deploy the platform in mid-2022, and be poised to provide its 230K+ membership with a variety of enhanced services through a “companion app.” Furthermore, this agreement represents the credit union’s dedication to leveraging fintech innovations and shedding its reliance on current technology vendors.

Nusenda will have the freedom to pursue and launch new digital services alongside their current digital banking solution, without disruption to their members. All those who bank with Nusenda will be able to download an iOS or Android app, which works alongside the current mobile banking app, in order to take advantage of much-desired digital capabilities, in an easy-to-use user interface.

For Nusenda this is a significant first step for the credit union to control their ability to influence and deliver against their own digital roadmap, to provide an enhanced member experience, as soon as possible. The Constellation platform gives them the capability to collaborate directly with fintechs and launch new offerings at their desired speed of deployment.

“As simplicity and convenience remain satisfaction triggers for members, having a technology framework and development platform to support the endeavors of a credit union are paramount. Giving Nusenda, and the industry as a whole, the ability to effectively compete with larger banks is an important undertaking for 2022,” said David Lindner, Constellation’s SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Delighting members is possible when an organization doesn’t have to contend with vendor lock-in – and it’s a ‘win for all’ when Constellation is a strategic partner and fintechs can provide credit unions with innovative services.”