Credit unions and fintechs reunite for Constellation’s LAUNCH 2022 Conference – after a two-year, COVID-induced hiatus – to collaborate in-person, inspire further digital transformations, and see first-hand the advancements made to the Constellation platform, ecosystem and digital banking services.

This year’s conference kept the previous format of parallel content tracks: a technical focus for developers and a business-focus, with valuable best-practices and marketing-oriented presentations. And the well-loved Want-a-Thon and Hack-a-Thon returned, but with a surprise twist as Constellation provided source code to their Homescreen for developers to use.

Read further to learn more about the top highlights and takeaways from each day of events. 

Day One was off to a great start with the announcement of credit unions who entered into agreements to launch the Constellation platform in the coming months – either digital banking services or certified services (developed by fintech partners). 

While developers attended training courses with Daryl Thornton, the Want-a-Thon topic was revealed: Reimagine the Constellation Homescreen. Participants were encouraged to think outside the box, as the developers (during the Hack-a-Thon) now had access to Constellation’s source code, to bring those ideas to fruition. One of the main takeaways from day one: 

After a networking breakfast attendees listened as industry thought leader, Ron Shevlin delivered an inspiring Keynote Speech. During his presentation, comically set in a Wizard-of-Oz casting reboot, Ron emphasized the valuable role strategic partnerships must play to achieve digital transformation. A perfect fit to the ecosystem we’ve focused on building through the year – as we recognized early-on that credit unions and fintechs working together can bring mutual success. 

Standout presentations were given by Cindy Brucato, Digital Banking Product Manager. In one session she provided tips and best practices for attention-grabbing app store listings. While her second session was a reveal of the features of Constellation’s Digital Banking Services. Her presentation showcased video clips of many member-facing and MSR-comms center functionality.

Then, credit unions shared experiences of their development roadmaps and deployments, providing valuable insight for conversion to full digital banking (TCU) and launching specific services via a companion app (Kinecta, CFCU). Kinecta also shared how their organization partners with fintechs as well as had in-house development. 

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of innovation as the (new-this-year) Fintech Expo and Speedpitch events took place. Credit unions were able to hear about services in development, witness demos and have in-depth conversations with fintechs.

A fitting end to the day was a fun networking event throwing axes. After some coaching and practice rounds participants faced off – ultimately crowing Constellation’s Ben Caretti as the bullseye king. 

LAUNCH Conference’s last day featured presentations from the Hack-a-Thon. Brilliant development teams, in just 24 hours, reimagined the Constellation Homescreen with ways to increase member engagement, such as new capabilities for increased personalization, detailed transactions information and goal-based offers.

The highlight of the day was the Gravity Awards! As the winners were revealed, the event was livestreamed by Mike Lawson on CU Broadcast. To see a full list of awards and winners, read our press release here, and watch the recording here.

Successful collaboration between credit unions and fintechs was evident in the three days of this year’s conference, but it’s the dedication to working together that powers the Constellation ecosystem all year long. 

Last, but not least, a final thank you to our wonderful sponsors!