Partnership empowers credit unions to create personalized experience, predict members’ needs, increase product conversions, and deliver actionable guidance

Together, we’re reshaping the member experience, driving digital growth and empowering credit unions to predict and meet their members’ financial wellness needs more effectively.” — Parker Graham, Founder and CEO of Finite

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2024 – Finotta, a provider of embedded fintech for digital banking, today announced a strategic partnership with leading cloud-native digital banking services provider Constellation Digital Partners (Constellation), helping to supercharge the member experience and deepen digital relationships. 

As part of this partnership, the Constellation Digital Banking platform will now include Finotta’s award-winning Personified platform, a Personalized Financial Guidance (PFG) platform proven to drive digital growth for financial institutions. Finotta’s products and features will be embedded into Constellation’s platform, empowering credit unions to create a personalized experience that predicts members’ needs, increases product conversions, and delivers actionable guidance in an all-in-one solution. Financial institutions that offer Personified generate more revenue, improve financial performance, and increase member and customer profitability all within their digital channel.

“At Constellation, we are fiercely committed to empowering credit unions with thoughtfully designed digital banking solutions that not only drive our clients’ success but also prioritize outstanding member experiences,” said Aaron Oplinger, SVP, Head of Product of Constellation. “By partnering with Finotta, we stand by that mission. Embedding their technology into our platform will equip credit unions with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age while delivering personalized, seamless, and exceptional service to their members every step of the way. We look forward to the value this will bring to our industry.”

Constellation’s open digital services platform is the world’s first and only cloud-based suite of digital financial services dedicated solely to credit unions. A true future-proof platform, Constellation leverages open architecture, allowing credit unions to customize their technology roadmap and ensure members receive the personalized experiences they crave.

“More than 90% of consumers expect their financial institution to offer a modern digital banking platform, but this is table stakes,” said Parker Graham, Founder and CEO of Finotta. “The key is differentiating the experience based on what members need and want, which is financial guidance. Unfortunately, this is also where massive missteps are made. Many traditional PFMs inadvertently shame consumers for poor financial habits rather than encourage positive behavior, killing the overall experience. As a result, engagement is down considerably.”

Graham continued, “Personified aims to change this, helping financial institutions guide users towards better decisions to not only increase engagement, but also deepen relationships. We are thrilled to partner with Constellation and make our platform more broadly available to credit unions nationwide. Together, we’re reshaping the member experience, driving digital growth and empowering credit unions to predict and meet their members’ financial wellness needs more effectively.”

Finotta leads the way in innovating the member experience. Its Personified Platform attracts credit unions’ members and boosts wallet share through its fully automated and personalized mobile banking experience. Finotta’s technology provides customized education and guidance for members every day, transforming credit unions’ physical branch into a digital one. 

About Finotta
Built by bankers, Finotta’s Personified platform is designed to assist in key financial goals like starting an emergency fund, paying off debt, or wealth building, providing timely, impactful suggestions and strategies to make your financial institution top of wallet and top of mind. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn. 

About Constellation
Constellation Digital Partners is a leading provider of digital banking solutions that enable credit unions to deliver a unique and customized digital banking experience to their members. Constellation’s patented, open development platform allows credit unions to pursue innovative fintech services at the pace of their individual digital strategy. For more information, visit