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A new way of thinking.
A better way of innovating.

Expanding online and mobile banking is all about making your members’ lives easier. Yay, account holders!

But what if you’re the community based financial institution saddled with legacy systems that aren’t quite so open to today’s digital advancements?

Constellation is all about bridging that gap while making your life easier too. Instead of worrying about old technology, our open development platform allows you to access digital innovations exponentially faster. We’re talking light speed.

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With Constellation, you’re not stuck with just one provider who dishes out innovations whenever they get around to it.

You’re connected with a marketplace of developers, fintechs, and other forward-thinking organizations, all cooperating to improve account holders digital experiences. And because you’re connected through Constellation, you can be sure every member experience is not only secure; it’s designed to your brand standards.

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Constellation is the closest you can come to future-proofing your business for whatever digital possibilities may occur down the road. Constellation gives you access to an entire lineup of star developers and fintechs working to make your account holders lives easier.

Whether your account holders are tech savvy or a little more old school, they can choose new innovations as you make them available or opt-out if they’re not relevant. It’s their choice. Explore the directory to learn more about Constellation’s innovative digital services.

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It’s time for community based financial institutions to blast through legacy barriers into a better future with access to a myriad of new digital technologies. The next big innovation is right here, right now. In fact, almost a dozen major credit union stakeholders have already made the leap to Constellation.!