Open development opens doors
for credit unions and fintechs.


Constellation’s open development platform clears the way for new breakthroughs at the speed of innovation.

The Constellation platform makes it simpler for both credit unions and fintechs to access the technology they need to give members the choices they want.

Platform Components

Freedom to do.

The Constellation platform components ensure that new services are developed more efficiently and deployed exponentially faster. Credit unions choose services from a continuously growing marketplace of providers and fintechs seamlessly deploy to multiple credit unions with only minor configuration changes.  

Constellation is the reason why. 



We enable development from a wide array of service providers. Services only need to be developed once, then they can be delivered to multiple credit unions all running different core systems.

Platform - Development


Services are delivered to members in a unified experience, across web and mobile, regardless of who creates them.

Platform - Delivery


Developing to our specifications ensures the security of services delivered through the Constellation platform.

Platform - Security


We publish the specifications to develop for the Constellation platform, making integration a seamless experience. The connections to the credit union’s core processing system are included thereby exposing the data you need with no additional integration work.

Platform - Integration
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Call it the big bang theory of success.

For Constellation, it started with an open development platform, but it’s where we’ve gone from there that created a full-blown ecosystem. 

Credit unions and fintechs, hungry for a better way, joined us and prompted the need for specific services and support to realize the full Constellation benefit.

While we’re nowhere near the end of our evolution, we’re building more services, more support, more opportunities, more everything to keep our universe expanding. 


Services Marketplace

Looking for a new service to solve member needs? Explore our Services Directory to find solutions that can meet your current business challenges, plus discover the possibilities to enhance what you can offer.

Contact us when you’re ready to unleash the power of the Constellation platform with a service. You will then be granted access to our Services Marketplace. In the Marketplace, we house pertinent information about all fintech developers, integration and deployment details, pricing options – and even due diligence details. Take the first step and discover how to bring innovative digital solutions to your members.


Constellation Banking Services

Constellation Banking Services is for those credit unions who need help escaping their existing online and mobile banking providers. They can replace those stale legacy services with online and mobile banking capabilities built on, and for use in Constellation.

These banking services are available in the Content Marketplace, built with configurable options and that can be customized with your brand colors and applied to both online and mobile interfaces.

What does this mean for members? It means they can review account balances, see transactions, schedule transfers and loan payments for immediate or future processing. Communicating with members is also possible, allowing them to receive and manage alerts, have direct-and-secure communications, and update key profile information. Constellation’s home screen allows the member to control their own experience. Members decide which services they want to access and those they don’t need.


Developer Portal

The Developer Portal supports the development, testing, and certification of new content on the Constellation platform. 

By signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and Portal Access Agreement, developers at credit unions and fintechs gain access to the development environment at no cost. They’ll also receive training materials and developer support from our product team. 

As developers complete their applications, the content goes through a rigorous certification process that carefully inspects the uncompiled code. In addition, the code is automatically tested using CheckMarx, the same tool used by for testing and inspection of their applications. 

Once applications pass inspection, they’re cleared for production and, at the developer’s choice, made available in the ecosystem.


Certified Developer Program

Let’s just put it out there in bold type for all the world to see: WE LOVE DEVELOPERS. Along with our credit union partners, they’re essential in keeping Constellation in the right orbit.  

When they’re successful, we’re successful. And our Certified Developer Program was created to help ensure their career success. 

Through the program, developers who create real or sample services for the platform earn certifications by demonstrating their coding and design skills. As developers submit more services and show mastery of more complex topics, they qualify for higher levels of certification.  

Fintechs that employ multiple Certified Developers qualify to be listed as Certified Development Partners. These firms provide a source of technical talent we can engage in the development of new services. 


Member Service Portal

Credit unions always take care of their members with personal service. It’s one big reason members are so loyal.  

But what happens when members have technical questions or need support for a service created on the Constellation platform? 

Thanks to the Constellation Member Service Portal, they get help from the same people they already know and trust: credit union member service representatives. The Member Service Portal allows credit union personnel to log on to an administrative website so they can help members with their questions, suggest easy fixes, even provide more in-depth technical support if needed. 


Dark Sky Ventures – A Joint Development Partnership

Increasing access to services for credit unions and their members is Constellation’s number one goal, and Dark Sky Ventures was created to speed development of our credit union partners’ most important initiatives.

Select Constellation credit union partners work with Dark Sky Ventures to jointly develop, purchase, and invest in services most essential to them as a group. Core participants who are in this groundbreaking venture program determine their joint requirements, assess build-or-buy opportunities, develop custom initiatives, and negotiate group buying deals.

And credit unions aren’t the only beneficiaries. Fintech partners gain exposure to, and network with, decision-makers. Their involvement in Dark Sky Ventures allows them to create tiles knowing they already have eager buyers, ensuring that they can bring services to market much faster, and opening the door to collaboration with other fintechs and new business opportunities.

With Dark Sky Ventures, everyone gets the opportunity to work together and benefit from everyone else’s successes.


Due Diligence Process – A Rochdale Paragon Alliance

The Due Diligence Alliance from CUSO partner Rochdale Paragon Group (RPG) streamlines the review process to provide an extra level of confidence for Constellation’s credit union partners. RPG uses a proprietary scoring process to review and interpret answers from fintechs, then creates a report with the details of their analysis. 

Fintechs that go through the process can post their report in the ecosystem for credit unions to review. If credit unions choose, they can also purchase a fully detailed report about the fintech. 

Platform Diagram