Open development opens doors
for credit unions and fintechs.


Constellation’s open development platform clears the way for new breakthroughs at the speed of innovation.

The Constellation platform makes it simpler for both credit unions and fintechs to access the technology they need to give members the choices they want.

Platform Components

Freedom to do.

The Constellation platform components ensure that new services are developed more efficiently and deployed exponentially faster. Credit unions choose services from a continuously growing marketplace of providers and fintechs seamlessly deploy to multiple credit unions with only minor configuration changes.  

Constellation is the reason why. 


Call it the big bang theory of success.

For Constellation, it started with an open development platform, but it’s where we’ve gone from there that created a full-blown ecosystem. 

Credit unions and fintechs, hungry for a better way, joined us and prompted the need for specific services and support to realize the full Constellation benefit.

While we’re nowhere near the end of our evolution, we’re building more services, more support, more opportunities, more everything to keep our universe expanding. 

Platform Diagram